What to Include in Your Data Room for Investors

If you’re raising Seed/Angel or Series A funding, it’s important to curate an effective Data Room for investors. This virtual “room”, which is used to track and share all the details an investor requires in order to make a choice to invest in your startup, allows you to do just that.

The most obvious thing you can include in your Data room for investors is your investor presentation. Investors will be provided with an overview of the company’s financial model, history, and future projections. Include this information in your investor data room is a great method of streamlining the due diligence process and allow investors to dig into the details quickly.

It is also crucial to have all of your current accounting data in your Data room for investors. This will provide historical data to allow investors to conduct a discounted cash flow analysis. Additionally, a sound financial model that allows investors to evaluate the various assumptions and resilience of your business to market volatility is key in any Data room for investors. Many startups struggle with this type of modeling and will seek an expert for help. One great tool that is utilized by 4,000+ startups is Sturppy It is a user-friendly and easy financial modeling platform designed for founders.
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Based on the stage of your business, you may also need to include:


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